BMW Motorrad Tyre Pressure Travel Set

BMW Motorrad Tyre Pressure Travel Set

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BMW Motorrad Tyre Pressure Travel Set

The travel set for tyre pressure monitoring includes a small digital measuring device and CO2 cartridges for filling.

Maintaining the stipulated tyre pressure is crucial for motorcycle safety. In the interest of your safety, you should check the tyre pressure of your vehicle regularly (before the start of every journey if possible). A deviation from the correct filling pressure adversely affects the driving characteristics of the motorcycle and reduces the service life of the tyres.

Make safety a priority with the easy-to-store tyre pressure travel pack from BMW Motorrad. As well as being able to inflate tyres quickly, it is possible to take a precise air pressure measurement using the digital pressure measuring device.

  • Tyre pressure travel pack for measuring and inflating to the filling pressure
  • Digital pressure gauge with rotating valve head
  • Selection of 4 measuring ranges (PSI, Bar, kg/cm², kPa)
  • Valve head suitable for all valves (Schrader valve, Presta valve)
  • Maximum measuring pressure: 11 bar
  • Includes a practical storage bag with a small packing size (19x12 cm)


Additional information

  • Suitable for all valve types: motorcycle, car, scooter, bicycle

Delivery specification:

  • Pressure gauge including battery (battery type CR-2032)
  • 4x CO2 cartridges
  • Insulation (neoprene protective cover for cartridges)
  • Safety ring
  • CO2 inflator
  • Storage bag with BMW Motorrad wordmark