Sizing Charts

Below you will see the standard sizing charts for all clothing and helmets.

How to work out your size
It’s very important that your motorcycle suit is a good fit, not least because if it’s too tight or too loose, it can affect your concentration. And if you’re distracted, this affects your safety on the road.

Jackets and trousers also have to sit right on the wearer. Your sleeves and trouser legs shouldn’t ride up, because if they do, it’s not just a safety issue – it also means you’re not properly protected against the elements. That’s why the cut of all BMW Motorrad suits is specially designed for motorcycling use, and why they all feature plenty of expandable sections, opportunities for adjustment and other clever details.

To make sure your suit is a perfect fit, all of its dimensions have to be exactly right. We know that riders come in many different body shapes, so our suits are available in over 40 different sizes.

To find the one that’s right for you, grab your tape measure and follow these simple instructions.


A Height
Stand barefoot beside a door frame. Place a book on your head, and hold it in position. Mark the position of the book on the door frame and measure from the floor.

B Chest
Take this measurement while wearing a shirt or a lightweight pullover. Pass the tape measure under your arms and measure around the broadest part of your chest and over the shoulder blades.

C Waist
Measure around your shirt, just above the top of your trousers. Stand in a neutral position and don’t hold in your stomach – that way you’ll ensure the trousers sit comfortably.

D Hips
Measure around your body, above your trousers and the widest point of your hips.

E Side length
Measure the distance down to the outside of your leg, from the waist of your trousers to the sole of your foot.

F Step length
Measure the distance down the inside of your leg, from the crotch seam to the sole of your foot.

These tables are intended as a guide. They show the body measurements on which the BMW Motorrad rider equipment collection is based.

BMW Motorrad offers two types of fit according to how each item is used by riders:

Comfort fit:
more generous cut offering greater freedom of movement

Regular fit:
closer fit to body form